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Venice Beach and Boardwalk
My father is ready to spend time at Venice Beach and Boardwalk this weekend. He is just ready to enjoy day trips from los angeles ca this and so keen to know by you all what exciting he should not miss trying while his visit. Is there something good to try out?
Your dad's plan to be around Venice Boardwalk could be fun because he could enjoy walking and shopping in an entertaining place. Must say he should stay there for sunset time to make a wonderful day there. I am sure will back with great memories. Its really a great Tourist attraction and he will enjoy his time fully.
Well, I am just so much happy after seeing exciting suggestion by your side about this. I have noted them and will surely share them with him. Hope he will act upon on them and back with good memories. However, what do you think about what he should pack for this spot?
I have no idea about it but I had been Venice Beach a couple of the times in my whole life to enjoy my holidays and always spent superb time with my family and friends. Millions of tourists love to go there due to its rich natural beauty which makes more prominent it. In my point of view, it is a perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities. What will you say guys about it? Now my Aunt ready to take the east cost tour .

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