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Top Selling Cars by its Class In Europe
Automotive industry expands every year.New body types,new segments are coming up every year.We compiled the most selled cars by its type in europe for you.
Lets start before wasting any time;

Mini Class (138.581 Sold)
Mini sized cars are not common in eastern europe but europeans cant ignore the charm of Fıat 500. The other most sold cars in europe is FİAT PANDA and VW UP.
[Image: 9YOWAZ.jpg]
Small Class (237.892 Sold)

Renault Clio has one the best sales volume in europe.Clio is the most sold car in France,Portugal and Slovenia.Other models are VW POLO and FORD FIESTA
[Image: qArQnZ.png]
Compact Class (330.000 Sold)

There is no surprize in the compact class.Volswagen keeps its top position as always. The most preferred car in Austria,Belgium,Germany,Denmark,Luxembourg,Ireland,Sweden,Norway,Slovenia and United Kingdom is VOLKSWAGEN GOLF.Second place belongs to SKODA OCTAVIA and the third is belongs to FORD FIESTA.
[Image: gPBvD0.png]

Middle Class (123.774 Sold)

The most preferred D class model is VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT.
Passat, the best-selling model in the D segment, has been sold almost as cheap as the A segment cars.Following cars are Mercedes C Series and Audi A4

[Image: vaqADr.jpg]

Mid-High Class

New E-series,has a big role for Mercedes  to become biggest producer in the world.Such that Mercedes took the leadership from BMW Group.Other Mid-High Class models are BMW  5 series and Audi A6

High Class (10.476 Sold)

This is the class in which Mercedes-Benz feels most comfortable. Therefore, he has no difficulty in getting the first place. Nevertheless, it now has a serious rival and its brand is not BMW or Audi. We're talking about the Porsche Panamera. Panamera sales have surpassed even the BMW 7 Series.

Small SUV Class (160.000 Sold)

Small SUVs and crossovers are increasingly increasing their market share, although they have recently appeared. Even the fastest growing segment in the sector. Renault is the class-leading brand with the Captur produced on the Clio platform. Five years after its launch, it continues to sell well. 

Middle SUV Class (180.764 Sold)

Nissan Qashqai
comes to mind when you say compact SUV in Europe. It is a kind of hero, which is produced in England. The models that follow Qashqai are Volkswagen Tiguan and Peugeot 3008. The Peugeot 3008, despite being new in the segment, stands out with its successful sales figures.

Big SUV Class (56.983 Sold)

t remains its success in 3008 with 5008 and is the European leader among medium-sized SUVs. Segment leader 5008 is followed by Skoda Kodiaq and Nissan X-Trail. Looking at SUV sales in all classes, it can be seen as one of the main drivers of growth in the sector.

Small Premium SUV (75.548 Sold)
One of the fastest growing SUV segments is the small premium.The upcoming Lexus UX, Mercedes-Benz GLB and the second-generation Range Rover Evoque, along with the BMW X2, Jaguar E-Pace and Volvo XC40 are also in this class. The two-year-old BMW X1 is Europe's best-selling model. The Audi Q3 and the Mercedes-Benz GLA follows the BMW X1.
[Image: 7B4WrP.jpg]

Middle Premium SUV (86.786 Sold)

With two body options, the Mercedes-Benz GLC was able to make its mark on the medium-sized premium SUV segment. Audi Q5 and Volvo XC60 follows Mercedes in the European market. This segment is also open to significant growth as many premium brands have entered the market with new models in the last few months.

Big Premium SUV (23.021 Sold)

The BMW X5 continues to lead the top segment of the SUV market. The Volvo XC90 and the highly successful Mercedes-Benz GLE are among the ambitious players in this class

Small Sport (15.589 Unit Sold)

Although there is a 10 percent decrease on an annual basis, Mazda MX-5 continues its leadership with sales of 10 thousand 589 units.T
he Fiat 124 Spider MX-5. Lotus Elise takes third place

[Image: Z50jyk.jpg]

Middle Sport (10.53 Unit Sold)

Audi TT continues to reign over the mid-size sports car segment. The Porsche 718 is an ambitious player in this class with over 3300 units sold. The Ford Mustang was finally able to enter the top three in the European market.

Big Sport (16.366 Unit Sold)

The Porsche 911, which has not been worn for years,continues to be the best-selling sports car. Mercedes-AMG GT and Ferrari 488 are second and third.

[Image: p5LMLz.png]

911 prevents his top position as always.A classic

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