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Renault's Mistakes
I have a special sympathy for French brands.I always  keep Renault apart. Who says "I love cars" and doesn't get excited when they see a Renault 5 Turbo from behind?
How could you not be excited whe the Renault Maxi passes in front of you in a rally stage with its roaring voice? In short, there are dozens of exciting models in the history of the French brand, of course nobody will say no to a Megane R.S in these days.
So, who thinks so, why have I started to loss symphathy to Renault lately? Let me explain briefly. I think the most important reason is that they started to lose their Frenchness and became a Far Eastern brand.Dont enter into polemics in case of Far East brands are bad. Of course they are not bad, but every brand has a soul and I think it needs to be protected.What causes me to think like this, let me try to explain ..
As you know, there is an alliance called Renault-Nissan and today they use common platforms and engines like many companies do. So far, there is no problem. I'm against this idea in general, but in terms of cost,they have to.Not only Renault-Nissan, starting from VW and all other major brands in need of this system. But how does VW keep its size? How does Seat stand out from its brother brands like Skoda? The answer is very simple; developing technology..VW is the creator of the common platform strategy but never stops developing technology. They dont buy their engines, they gives others.One of the Renault's problems arises here. At first it made the impression that it was an alliance's great partner, but now they are in a small partner position that receives technology from Nissan.I mean they started to become Skoda and Seat,not Volkswagen.However, Renault has long been an important technology creator. Bringing engine revolutions to Formula 1, winning championships, giving engine-gearbox to dozens of brands like Volvo and Lotus.Let's look at the current situation. Tell me a gasoline engine of purebred Renault production. Let me answer you, I can only think of a 2.0-liter turbo engine in the Megane R.S.Most of the other engines are signed by Nissan. Even the Clio R.S. has a 1618 cc MR16DDT Nissan unit.On the other hand, Renault's H-coded engines are developed jointly with Nissan and use these engines with the Japanese H code.I'm not criticizing Nissan. The brand that designed a car like GTR can't be cricizited.In spite of the alliance, Nissan prevents its Japanese image very well and avoids actions that will harm this image.And with the models they created, they are already on top of Renault. It is a brand that gives technology to the French brand.Actually, engines and platforms are not the main reason why Renault's soul is lost. They are Now buying fully finished products from Nissan to improve their model range.What am I trying to say?I am sure you can figure out if I say Koleos,Kadjar and Alaskan..These models, which are purebred Nissan that do not make you feel like Renault in any way other than the design, can be successful in terms of sales at the first time.But in the long run it will destroy the identity of the French brand completely.In short, Renault has recently turned their aim to sales and profitability only.They don't care about French identity or image.Fortunately, models such as Clio, Megane, Talisman and Espace remains French touches.. I hope these models won't disappoint us in the next generation...

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