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Renault Models We Have Never Known
We think we know everything about Renault, which has been producing in Turkey since 1971. So are we aware of some interesting Renault models that are being sold in remote parts of the world?

[Image: 1pXaYY.jpg]

In fact, this is not only true for Renault but also true for many brands making interesting productions for the needs of different markets.
These local versions, which have nothing to do with Global models, are sometimes made up of older models, and sometimes they are made up of co-branded models whose logos have been altered.

We know Dacia models are also marketed with the Renault logo. Even the Symbol sold in Turkey is indeed Dacia Logan. But we're talking about different models. Let's see what Renault models sold in the world. We started with Renault because it is well known in our country, but we will review the production of this type of other brands as we find time in the future as well. Now let's go far away, to India. There are two Renault models called Scala and Pulse. These two models are genuinely Nissan. Scala, that sold in different markets as Almera, Latio and Versa, is indeed a Sunny coded as "N17."The car with a sedan car body has 1.5 L 100 HP gasoline and 1.5 dCi 86 HP diesel engines. The pulse is a model we know better as a Micra. If we go from India toward Brazil, we'll come across the Clio.

[Image: P7g2vd.jpg]

This Clio is not the Clio we know. But the fourth-generation Clio-shaped version of the second-generation Clio. The same model is also sold in markets like Argentina. Other Renault models sold in Brazil consist of older generation Sandero and Logan versions with the Renault logo. Duster is also among the models sold in this country. Another interesting Renault model sold in Latin American markets is the Sandero GT Line. We can’t help but wish that the sports car with a 110 hp 1.6 L 16V engine was also sold in Europe. In countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia, Renault Safrane greets us, but this car is nothing more than latitude. Renault has been present in Iran for years.

[Image: 7B4W2L.jpg]

[Image: gPBvj0.jpg]

Even Saipa has been producing since the time of the Renault 5. Iranians producing old Dacia Logan under the name of Tondar90 also sell old-generation Megane in this day and age. The name of the Clio sold in Japan is Lutecia because Honda owns the right to use Clio's name in this country. The Talisman is undoubtedly the best car the French brand has not sold on the global market. The Talisman, which is being produced in Renault Samsung facilities in Korea for the Chinese market, is actually the same with the Samsung SM7 and it has Nissan platform as well. This luxury car with 2.5 and 3.5 L engines improve Renault's image in the Far East. We should also thank Renault Mais when we review all these models. Unlike developing countries, in Turkey, Renault's modern and global product range is sold. We are lucky for not using old-fashioned Renault models that have constantly been introducing into the market especially in Latin America.

Turkish version of the article:
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