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[Image: apah24slide1.png]
Which pet do you like to keep in your home from all guys? I am keen to know from you cause I can't keep them due to my mother because She has allergy from them. Hope you all will like to reply here soon.
How will day trips from philadelphia pa be for me?
Mindi, I am going to say that pets are the best source to spend free time happily. They are really cute and innocent and can make free time adorable. I also love the pets and I have a few pairs of Lovebirds at my home. I just love them as they are truly sweet. Let me share  pictures of my pets here. 
[Image: DIY-5D-Diamond-Embroidery-Animal-Cross-S...40x640.jpg]
Erika! Wow, your pets are so beautiful a. No doubt all of the pets are innocent and we can send a nice time with them. I also love pets. Let me share with you my pet images here. 
[Image: what-does-it-mean-when-cat-wags-tail.jpg]
[Image: 1030px-Cat_March_2010-1a.jpg]
Zora14, I am glad to know that you liked the pictures of bird which I have kept as my pets. They are really cute. I love to sit beside them early in the morning to listen to their chirping and enjoy their flying from one place to another. YOur Cat is also looking cute. Which thing about the cats impresses you most?
Erika~! Frankly speaking, I have not one biggest reason regarding this. Because naturally, I love cats and really like to spend my time with my cat and play with him in my free time. The main thing is that when you can do this kind of things, you can forget all the worries of life, just enjoy those moments, which you are spending with him. These things impress me.
Glad after seeing them and like to tell you that have a plan to purchase parrots and sparrows during day trips from seattle wa. I would love to keep them in front of my room window. I am sure about in the morning to enjoy their chirping will be a healthy activity for me.

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