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Outstanding jackpots and winnings in the banned.
Outstanding jackpots and winnings in the banned.
Most players come to the banned with a single goal – to improve their financial situation. Day after day, the player learns the rules, thinks through scenarios, dreaming of only one thing – to break a solid jackpot, with which you can implement the cherished dream.

Imagine, finally you are in luck and slot machine fun honked at on the jackpots. You go to your personal account, put money on withdrawal, but after a while you receive a message – "payment refused»…
Only play tested the game room [url= banned]
Do banned have the right to refuse the client to pay the winnings? What to do in this situation?

Not often, but still some players are faced with trouble when the banned refuses to pay the winnings. Instead of enjoying good luck, gamblers have to sort things out with the support service for a long time, to prove their case.

In fact, online and land-based banned have the full right to refuse to pay the client in several cases, which are described below.

Incorrect operation of the slot machine
If it turned out that the slot at the time of issuing the jackpot to the player functioned incorrectly, for example, there was a failure in the software (for the online version) or hardware failure (for land-based machines), the gambling club may not pay the money, referring to this problem.

To insure themselves, banned often implement this point in the rules, which every client who is going to register on the site must read. In this case, it is useless to make a scandal, to attract banned lawyers will use the support of the developer and independent auditors, who will easily prove that the winnings were issued by the slot by mistake.

Errors and fraud customers
Some banned require the client to enter only reliable data during registration, including information from personal documents. If the client manages to hit the jackpot, he will be asked to verify the account, for example, send a scanned copy of the passport, as well as a copy of the utility bill, or any document that can confirm the identity. Sometimes you need to make a "selfie" with your passport. If the registration process will be entered information that does not match the parameters of the documents, the banned may refuse!

By the way, gambling clubs are not interested in how the Deposit was made, from a Bank card or e-wallet, but in the conditions of many institutions it is prescribed that the withdrawal of funds should be carried out on the same details from which the Deposit was made.

There is another reason why the player is denied a win – when registering, the user did not find his country, so he chose another. This case can also be decisive in the issuance of the jackpot – the institution may refuse. This case is regarded as fraud, because the client, albeit unknowingly, deceived the operator, went against the rules.

The winnings will not be received by a minor player. This will become clear at the verification stage, when the user will not be able to prove that he has reached the age that gives the right to gamble.

The failure of the banned
If you decide to start cooperation with a little-known banned, be prepared for the fact that you can not get a big win here. Such institutions often offer large bonuses in order to attract customers. Breaking the coveted jackpot, the player is likely to regret that contacted a dubious operator. Before you register on the club's website, you should read reviews about it.

What if the operator does not pay the winnings?
The best way to get a win is to approach the registration procedure with all responsibility, not sparing the time to get acquainted with the user agreement in detail. After reading the rules, you will understand under what circumstances the club may refuse to pay/ban the account, and then decide whether to become a client.

Some banned deliberately delay the time of verification of documents (verification). Thus, the procedure can take from 3 to 7 days. The bet is placed on the intolerance of the player, because on his account an impressive amount: the gambler will not wait and continue the game, lose money – the banned will not have to pay the winnings. That is why the client should not rush into the pool with his head – it is better to wait a few days and still get the money earned.
the choice of online banned really need to be approached consciously. however, during the long years of my playing career, I did not face the facts of fraud. but if someone is worried about this before you register read the reviews about this online banned and consult with experts.
I don't know many people who have won jackpots in online banned. especially such people who after winning the jackpot stopped playing in online banned and started to invest this money wisely in business or just spend it. mostly they just lose them.

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