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Middle East travel places
Egyptian Museum
Luxor Temple
Palm Jumeirah
Basilica Cistern
Abu Simbel Temples
The Dubai Fountain
Valley of the Kings
Great Sphinx of Giza
These places are most visited in the Middle East that I have added to my cart and will get lots of memories by visiting them while the next trip. Share your views and suggestions about my trip.

I will go for west side bus tours.
The Middle East is a perfect region for travelling and tourists can see plenty diverse kind of places. I really like to see its most fabulous natural places which attract the visitors towards it each year. I have been there about few times ago an I explore its many fabulous places but both of these like the Dead Sea and Palm Jumeirah are top of the list of my favourite attractions. I would love to explore both of these places in my future life again and again. I hope you will spent a lovely time at these charming places.
Nice to read your views about Middle East places those I have added to my cart. Surley this will gona best and most rmekable tour of my life. I will say you also go ahead and explore Dead Sea and Palm Jumeirah as soon as you can. This will remain really fantastic for you too. 
Palm Jumeirah is a beautiful Island in Dubai which ha exciting location and have a great time period. Sad thing is that have never spent time in my life there but also willing to have a great time and want to say members should be around this least once. I would like to see their quick response. 

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