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Leak Rumors About New 2019 Renault Clio's design
Remember when Volvc s90 and v90 models leaked ? Same thing happened over Audi A7 sportback  and citroen A3 Aircross back in the time.
Rumors says that similiar situation undergo with the new Renault Clio 20919 modal.The new generation Clio's 1:43 model toys leaked to internet.The car in the photos shows not only the Clio, but the GT-Line version at the top of the hardware options.
The Facebook post you can see below belongs to a model collector who sells in the Czech Republic. We've also learned that this is a GT Line version.
[Image: r0GWkN.png]
Of course, it isn't right to say that the photo belongs to Clio, but if our eyes don't mislead us, the models really include Clio's design. When we compare the 1:43 replica model with the spy photos below, we can see that the resemblance is indispensable. The toy model even includes the hidden door handle design in the real model.
[Image: zGN8zY.jpg]

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