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Interesting Partnerships in the Automobile History II
4.Audi and Porsche

Rs 2 Avant was the first RS model that produced by Audi and Porshce together.It has only 2.2 liter and 5 cylinder motor but it was able to create 315 hp power and 410 nm torque.That means it could go over 250 km/h speed.0 to 100 timing was about only 4.3 seconds.Even the wheel rims could remember us the partnership with Porsche.

[Image: M1rJy9.jpg]
                                                                                AUDI R52 AVANT

5.BMC and Cooper

Alec Issigonis's intention was to put forward its economic aspects when he designed Mini.Normally,It should never claim to be a sport car according to Alec.Then legendary F1 pilot started to beat BMC's door to work with Alec.Issignosis insisted at the first place but he couldn't resist.Thus the first Mini came out in 1961.Cooper S produced after 2 years.This partnership remains at the present time.Mini cooper has become very succesfull in races besides sales.
[Image: lQV1rB.jpg]
                                               MINI COOPER

6.Fiat and Mazda

Automobile producers,collaborates to share new models costs.Latest joint attempt was among Fiat and Mazda to produce 124 Spider and MX-5.This partnership was a good deal for Fiat,because they wanted to add a Cabrio to their inventory,but sales volume was disappointing.On the other hand,Mazda MX-5 keeps his position as a living legend.

[Image: LvL31a.jpg]
124 Spider

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