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Interesting Partnerships in the Automobile History I
Partnerships in the automobile industry is not something new.We have been witnessed the companies which has no common ground had came together created significant products.Some of them had became very successfull and still be remembered.Lets check them out.


AC ACE was an ordinary sport car.It had 2.2 or 2.6 litre and six cylnder motor and it wasn't going well.After that Carrol Shelby took one of them and put Ford v8 motor in it(which is 4.2 litre).When this appliance went succesfull,he changed the motor one more time and put 4.7 litre motor to create legendary Cobra.Eventually,things went more interesting;
Shelby fit into its body a  7.0 litre V8 and the car became a inexpugnable monster.

[Image: lQVjgl.jpg]

2.Alpine and Renault

Jean Redele(We are preparing an article for him),was completely independent when he created his company to compose sport automobiles by using renault mechanical parts.Including A110,he worked with renault Renault but in the earlier 70's his company was almostabout to  bankrupt while working on A310 model.To get under the auspices,Renault took possesion of its %70 of the shares.Vehicles produced after that period was amazing.I would like you to remind that Alpine 1100 won the World Ralli Championship in 1973.

[Image: Xb5kA6.jpg]
                                                                               Renault Alpine A110

3.Aston Martin and Zagato
This partnership still remains.Zagato versions are produced  for Vanguish,V12 Vantage and DB9 models lately.Before that we have seen the Aston Martin DB7  and V8 vantage with Zagato's logo but this story has began in 1960 with DB4 model.Only 19 piece of model produced and these precious models are still kept by biggest collectors.
[Image: AOp7Bp.jpg]
Aston Martin ZAGATO DB4

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