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German dude joins the dark side - presentation of me and my Clio 2.0 16V RS-R by Elia
A „hello“ to all Renault Clio - do-it-yourselfer's : )

i am new to this forum, because actually i am restoring an old Clio B 2.0 16V RS-R from 2001, which was modified shortly after it's first purchase from ELIA. As i will restore this car, there might be questions comming up, so i get in touch with you guys in advance.   Wink

My name is Hans, im 39 y'old and i'm coming from germany, im located between cologne and the green hell, the "Nürburgring"   Cool

I'm a d.i.y.'er since more then 20 years, on every interesting car i can get my hands on. Im interested in different car brands, especially in small cars, but please - only the biggest stock engine for me.  Tongue  Had a couple or renaults in my life: some R5 GT Turbo, GTE, but also Clio A 1,8 16V and Williams.

Alle repairs reworks and changes i'm doin' to the clio will be filmed and uploaded as tutorials, as funny stuff and as information. (Channel is non commercial)

Maybe i can help someone out aswell - in the forum or via my youtube channel.

So - happy to get in touch with you all.  Big Grin

Greeting from germany - Hans
my youtube channel with infos, diy und tutorials to CLIO B 2.0 16v RS-R:
Pt. 2


Wassereinbruch im Innenraum beim Clio B

Pt. 3

Pt. 4

Pt. 5

Attached a picture of the new covered steering wheel. Did it myself, my sister stiched the cover for me.
Not 100%, but i am happy first.

[Image: 20191113_1052138bj9i.jpg]
my youtube channel with infos, diy und tutorials to CLIO B 2.0 16v RS-R:
Hi Hans,amazing videos you have.May be you should promote your channel on this forum to get more subs  Big Grin I would like to ask you a question via DM btw
Subscribed  Big Grin

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