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Gathering best Car apps
We are collecting the best mobile applications that can be used in a car
Please write to this topic if you have recommendation for us 

iGasUpiPhone users can ***** the iGasUp application and have updated gas station locations and fuel prices at their fingertips. The app gives users the 10 closest gas stations based on the phone's current location

WAZE- You can get all sorts of useful real-time information about the road ahead from the active community on Waze. The app also offers turn-by-turn directions, reroutes you based on traffic, and alerts you about accidents, hazards, and police locations

Parker for iPhone-This app hangs from the tops of high buildings swinging on spider webs to help you find a parking place

Voice Infos-Voice Infos eliminates the need to switch between different apps in order to see all of your information, whether it be your emails, news stories, calendar events, weather forecasts, or tweets

So,you can add your best applications by answering to this topic , write to this  topic if you have recommendation for us.
Android Auto-it gives you a quick access to the maps,messaging apps and other utilities.
myCARFAX- you can keep an eye on a bunch of things. You can see all of your maintenance and repairs from the app. Additionally, the app alerts you when it’s time for additional maintenance or even to renew your registration.(free)
Drivvo-may be the best one.and it is not free can keep track of basically everything. That includes repairs, maintenance, expenditures, miles driven, gas mileage, and more. It’s especially good for those who drive for work Exclamation
Gas Buddy
It crowd sources gas prices in your area.You can then choose the gas station with the cheapest gas.Not sure if its useful Angel
SpotAngels (Never Used)
It is very new and free i guess.primary function is to help you avoid parking tickets.Now there are 20 supported cities where that works.can also keep track of where you parked
Is there any app that could register all data while driving like speed, time in a way, diesel level etc. - najlepsze kasyno online, uwielbiane przez wielu graczy ze względu na dobre warunki i prawdziwe bonusy.
(01-10-2020, 10:29 AM)lowrider3001 Wrote: Is there any app that could register all data while driving like speed, time in a way, diesel level etc.
Do you use android or Ios?
I wish these apps would help me to write my research papers somehow. I really need that.

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