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best places for photography
I am a tourist so I would love to explore most exciting place all over the world. I am going to share here the names of some most beautiful and gorgeous places I have explored in my these tours. I hope you will like them. Those names are:

Wittunga Botanic Garden
Adelaide Park Lands
Valley of a Thousand Falls
Riviera Maya
Crowfoot Glacier

I hope my shared list about destinations would be useful for photography lovers.
Zaire321, It is really cool to know that you are also a traveling lover like me and like to enjoy wandering around the fantastic and charming places throughout the world. The shared names by you are nice. These places are looking impressive to try out. I would like to know about the Crowfoot Glacier in a brief description. What will you share here? 

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Zaire! I read places names list which you have explored while your tours. All of those places, names seem really cool, but I am feeling and to tell you that I have no idea about these places. These places are totally new and untouched for me. So can you share with me some massive about that place where you have enjoyed more fun?

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