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best for photography
I would like to share here the names of some most exciting places  where tourists can enjoy photography and many other outdoor activities like:

Grand  Canyon
Niagara Falls
Thousands of Islands
Miami Beach
Big Islands

Anyone have you ever explore these charming places?
I admire your effort for sharing the great list of those places which are best for enjoying the photography and the outdoors activities there. I have explored all of these attractions personally a lot of times in my life except the Miami Beach and Big Islands. these are untouched places for me, would you like to share with me something about these places here?

My sister enjoyed vacation deals from sfo.
Miami Beach and Big Islands are the perfect destinations for travelling and you can enjoy there stunning views of nature beauty and many other fabulous things at these termendeous kind of places. I also enjoyed myself while I was visiting this kind of places. I want to share here some attractive views of these charming places which I have captured in my camera during my journey like:
[Image: JhHCIsoSylgQcDn6EHMZ7SevTcr0rcmsiS_Ig3Yg...hngANBvEQg]

[Image: pexels-photo-248797-900x450.jpeg]
I hope my shared information would be useful for you.

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