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Be Polite, Smile, and Enjoy Yourself
As a traveling freak would like to share the good rule of traveling and life as well. That is Polite, Smile, and have a nice time during travel. I have experienced this one just while east coast usa trips and would advise you all should follow to make your time evergreen. So follow this and make happy others as well.
I appreciate your sharing. I must say that you have shared really great tips with all of us which are the best for travelling lovers as well as other readers. I am also travelling lover so I would like to explore the most adorable and gorgeous places around the world. I have a good experience of Yorkshire Dales because I have been there a couple of the times in my whole life and always spent superb time at this most amazing and charming place. Anyone have you eve been there if yes then how was your personal views about it?
Donald B, I am going to say that you are right, Smiling, being polite and enjoy the trip can make the travel time really cool and remarkable. I must say that listening to the music and be aware are also something good to enjoy while travelling and make time fully adorable.

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