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2010 Scenic Grand MKIII - original headlight bulb clips!
Hi there.
I've worked through quite a few frustrating problems with a Renault Scenic Grand MKIII 2010 I bought 10 months ago.

Last thing I need to do before putting in for MOT is removing the bloomin' xenon headlamp kit and putting original bulbs back (halogen I believe). I've been told that to remove the xenon kit and put the headlamps back to the way they were I need to buy the bulb clips which hold the original type halogen bulbs in place. I'm a newbie with cars, and I can't find the right parts online. Could someone please advise me what the correct part name and number is for these clips so I can buy? I gather putting the old bulbs back in place (I'll need to buy them too) is a painful exercise so if anyone has a dummies guide they could share that would be grand. thanks, John, Glasgow.
(09-11-2019, 01:57 PM)JohnWayneStatue Wrote: No one? No one know anything about the standard headlight bulb holder or clip for a Renault Scenic MKIII? 

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