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Dacia Lodgy
[Image: dacia-lodgy-visit.jpg]
This generation of Dacia Lodgy is being produced from January, 2012. We can provide information about 3 modifications of this generation. The car is available only with front wheel drive.


This Dacia is available with one petrol engine with displacement 1.2 litres and power of 115 HP un two diesel engines with displacement 1.5 litres and power of from 90 to 107 horsepower.
The car is available with both automatic (2 versions), as well as manual (1 version) gearbox.

Fuel Usage

Dacia Lodgy average fuel consumption in combined cycle for petrol engine is approximately 5.8 litres per 100km, whereas for diesel engine - from 4.2 to 4.4 litres per 100km. While the most economical Dacia Lodgy diesel - Dacia Lodgy 1.5 dCi for 100 kilometers consumes 4.2 liters of diesel.


Dacia Lodgy CO2 emissions for petrol engine is approximately 135 grams per kilometer, whereas for diesel engine - from 109 to 116 grams per kilometer. In turn, from the Dacia Lodgy diesels least CO2 distributes Dacia Lodgy 1.5 dCi - 109 grams per km.


The best acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h - 10.5 seconds has Dacia Lodgy 1.2 version, conversely the tardiest one is Dacia Lodgy 1.5 dCi reaching this speed only in 12.4 seconds.


This Dacia is very cheap for its class - it can be purchased (in Latvia) for around 6500 €. Below you will find more detailed information about Dacia Lodgy prices and costs.

Average Grade

In user reviews Dacia Lodgy received average grade 6.0 (from 10) which is relatively low, considering average rate 8.0 for similar aged cars. All authors of reviews would recommend Dacia Lodgy to the friend.

Dacia Lodgy Safety 

During safety testing Dacia Lodgy has obtained 3 stars from five, which means average safety level.
Adults (driver and passenger) safety of Dacia Lodgy is evaluated with good rate 72 from 100, children safety: good mark - 77 from 100, for pedestrian protection Dacia Lodgy got 44 points from 100.
Dacia Lodgy safety equipment has been rated as very low - 29 percents from 100.

Dacia Lodgy Prices

Dacia Lodgy minivan price in Latvia is from 3700 € to 9000 €.
Comparing to analogical vehicles Dacia Lodgy price is very low - Dacia Lodgy is approximately for 47 percents cheaper then average minivans of this age. Despite of relatively low price Dacia Lodgy quality is above average (see below), so this Dacia can be a good buy.


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