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I am traveling freak and always like to travel. I join this community for getting information about this and other things. Therefore, I wanna talk about traveling with all the members. I like traveling because of this, I come to know the other countries culture, traditional, meet various people, explore different kinds of places. All of these things appeal me lots that's why I like it. Why all of you like traveling?
This is a quite best thing for me to know that like me you also have a great interest in travel. This thing insist me to know from you which kinds of places attract you and what you like to enjoy most from all? Hope you will like to share with us as soon as possible.
Nature places, adventure places, and historic places always attract me a lot and I love to explore these kinds of places while the traveling. In my traveling life, I had explored a lot of places and really like to enjoy photography, stunning and sightseeing there. Anyhow, what you say about these kinds of places?
Zora14, I am going to say that I am also a big lover of traveling as it is my most favorite thing to enjoy in free time and have fun. I am a huge fan of this because through this I can get massive details about the art, history, tradition, culture, food and many other aspects of the places. It is my all time favorite thing to enjoy in spare time and have fun and entertainment in life.
I am also big fan of travelling so I would love to explore most fabulous and breathtaking places all over the world. I want to share there the names of most popular places which I have explored in my these tours such as:

Grand Canyon
Niagara Falls
Montreal Biodome
Danube Delta
Longwood Gardens
Mount Roraima

I want to know your personal views about these places?
Really liked the way you people has been shared some really good and useful of the stuff with us. I am sure that something like this is going to work out really nicely. Some extremely joyful of the thing like this would truly be the best and i am sure that i will find some more of the stuff like this to learn from all of it.

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