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Mount Mulu
Mount Mulu is a really nice most wonderful and lovely place for visit around the world and you can enjoy there boating, kayaking, nature viewing and photography. I also enjoyed these all fabulous fun things while I was visited this most amazing and awesome place. In my point of view these all fabulous things are the best ways to have great fun in this charming place. I want to know your views about it?
Zairie321, According to my information, Mount Mulu is a mountain range which is located in Malaysia. It is known as the second highest mountain in the Sarawak. It is located inside the Gunung Mulu National Park and one of the alluring and best places to enjoy climbing and other activities to have a beautiful time. 

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Mount Mulu is a spot which about I really don't have any idea, guys. This is a new one for me and love to know what tremendous we can enjoy there? hope you guys will like to make a light on this point. I am looking for your reply.

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