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Travel Tips
Don't be experts in a Language
Avoid Into Debt
A Fight Doesn't Mean the End of Your friendship)
Take care of Yourself from the Elements
Must enjoy Sunrise views instead Sunset
Don't be in your Cell Phone
Celebrate Every Once in a While
Don't forget to pack Portable Chargers
You should be an Open Mind
Give importance Travel Insurance
Always Hire Local Guides

These are some travel tips which I have to keep in my mind while day tours from seattle and have a nice time period as I want to have. That's why love to suggest you all must try them and share your experience these proved useful for all of you or not?
Donald B, It is just so much good to know that you have shared here really good travel tips. I am sure that these surely gonna be really useful while enjoying traveling. Would love to note these tips for my next travel plan which is to be around Seattle for 5 days. Do you like to suggest something for it??
I will love to say that you have shared such a nice destination for having fun which sounds very amazing and cool. I would like to share here the names of some interesting and most exciting things which you can enjoy in this fabulous city like hiking, walking, trekking, photography, cycling, nature viewing, boating, shopping and dining. I will suggest you must try these things and could make their journey more memorable. 

Any suggestion for newyork bus tour ? 

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