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Favorite Sports
All of these wonderful sports which people really like. Cricket is my favorite sport and I love cricket. What is your favorite sport?

Have you ever enjoyed bus tours from montreal to usa?
If you will ask me then will like to say that have no much interest in Sports. However, usually like to enjoy cricket and playing as well in my free time. You can say that this one is my favorite as well. Anyway, what do you like to say more about this?
How will day trips from philadelphia pa be for me?
Zora14, I am going to say that you have shared a nice list of the sports here. I am also a sports person and if you talk about the favorite sport than I will take the name of Cricket. It is my most favorite sport to play with friends and family to have a great time.
Basketball is my favorite sport for making my free time blast of fun. I must say that these days Spain is added in my favorite team. I have a great interest in this as well as Cricket. So let's talk about more our mutual sports.
Wow, that's really nice all the members like cricket here. I am glad to tell you that I also love cricket and it is my favorite sports which I really like to enjoy in my spare time with my friends. Anyhow, guys a few days ago World Cup is coming. What do you say about this great event of cricket?

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