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You've probably heard that traders trade at football matches. It should be understood that the exchange rates provide two ways of trading. Trade prematch lasts until the beginning of the game, and trade live during the match.

Individual players trade in these two ways, but most traders prefer to specialize in one direction. In any case, these are two very different types of trade. Many people wonder which trade will be more profitable. Let's look at the strengths and weaknesses of each type of trading.
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Pre-match trading
Trading on the markets before the game is very similar to trading in Forex. The same principles apply here, and trading is based on similar technical and fundamental trends. To trade before the game does not have to be a great connoisseur of football, as you can just follow certain signals that show which way the line will move.

When trading on the pre-winding movements of the line, quotes are less subject to sharp changes, so traders can afford to risk large amounts. In many cases, after four or five changes in quotations, you can make reverse bets. Even if the line goes in the other direction, the loss will not be critical. It is easier for traders to trade pre-match also due to the fact that with this method they have much more time to make decisions.

At the same time, the slow change of quotations is also a disadvantage of pre-match trading. Many traders do not have the opportunity to trade during the day, as they are busy with their main work. For pre-match trading, it is necessary that the trader has the opportunity to observe the change of the line during the day. A position can be opened in the morning and closed only in the evening.

Corner in football

Trade Live 
When trading during a football match quotes have unstable positions. At any time, there may be a removal or a goal will be scored, so the coefficient can change dramatically. When trading in Live, you do not need to make large bets, as during the day you will open and close dozens of positions. Playing at high rates, you can quickly lose the Bank.

One of the advantages of this trade is that during one game you can trade on different coefficients and it will take no more than 90 minutes. Also, traders are favored by the fact that most football games begin in the evening, after the end of the working day.

When trading in Live requires a wide knowledge in football. In addition, be sure to watch the video of the match. If you are a football fan with a lot of experience, then you will know perfectly well what the loss of a football player means for the team and what players can strengthen it by coming on as a substitute.

Trading prematch is less risky and more suitable for beginners, but when trading in Live, you can quickly lose your Bank, but it can also be increased in a short time, so this type of trade will go more experienced traders. It is not necessary to stop only on one type of trade. It is possible to trade and earn money before the game, and during the match to try to increase their profits.
betting in real time is a good way to win a good Bank as you can quickly react to the changing situation. but these bets are better to do in games with rapidly changing results as the coefficients will be co-ordinated changes. football in my opinion is not very suitable for this type of betting.
I really liked your topic. I like to bet on sports in real time. Live bets are bets that can be placed during a match. Most betting shops in online banned have a separate section for live. In real time, you can make standard bets on the outcome of the match, as well as on specific bets - for example, on the outcome by a certain minute of the match.
I also prefer to bet in real time. it is clear that immediately suitable options are not many but if a little pomonitorit you can easily pick up a good bet with high odds for one and for another opponent. you can also choose a good strategy to increase the probability of winning.
If you decide to bet on sports in online banned, then you can make them according to the strategies of professional players. Betting strategies in betting shops is one of the methods to stay in the win and make betting more or less stable. After all, the tactics of a chaotic game, which is often used by new players, puts the profit from bets in great doubt. Particularly well manifested is the need to apply a strategy for sports betting when analyzing long-distance games.

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